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Ebright Kids Public Speaking Story


Ebright Kids Public Speaking has a rich history in helping children develop their speaking confidence through professional public speaking training.


Our story begins in 2016 where our two founders, one of which is Mr. Kevin Khoo, came together to create the company. Formerly known as SF Training Provider, we now go by the name Ebright Sdn. Bhd.

Ebright was founded with only one objective in mind: to provide professional public speaking training to children so that they can improve their confidence.

Indeed, students who've been exposed to professional public speaking may discover certain hidden talents that have never surfaced prior to their training. We've also realized that while some may already know their talents, however, there is a lack of suitable environments where they can fully utilize them.

Ebright looks forward to a future where more children can be empowered to discover their full potential and build self confidence through public speaking.

Indeed, the only reason we've looked back is to see how far we've come. We want to continue doing what we do because we love it and believe in its importance!

This year, we are looking to expand to more than 20 locations within Klang Valley and intensify our Young Talent Programme (YTP) throughout Southeast Asia to make professional public speaking training more accessible to wider audiences. Get ready to be seeing more of Ebright Kids Public Speaking in your area.


To all parents, teachers, and our beloved students: Thank you for being a part of our incredible journey! We've enjoyed every moment of it, and we hope that you'll continue walking with us as we set out to create new and exciting memories ahead.


In order to provide quality education for our students, we narrowed down our focus and took on a new direction from our previous company. We would revert to what we did best - conducting comprehensive public speaking training for children.

It took a while for our new vision to take off. But eventually, we received our first breakthrough in the form of a referral from a friend. It was a long-term collaboration for weekly public speaking classes with an education center. 

It was the stepping stone in our business and gave us the confidence to expand further. As of the year 2023, we have over 1000 active students from Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Southeast Asia attending our weekly physical and online classes...


Our programs have empowered more than 15,000 children to unleash their full potential as world-class public speakers.

Kids public speaking student enjoys the public speaking class
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