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The best place for learning how to face the public. My kids is more confident now. Her speech is more structured and organized. The private coaching helps her recognize her weakness and improve it.

Nurul Fahizha Fahimi


Are You Tired Of Kids Always Hiding Themselves During Friend's & Relatives' visits?

  • Crying when visiting friends & family

  • Hiding in the car when visiting others

  • Sitting at the corner, refusing to participate

  • Observing other kids playing from far

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  • Have A Healthier Relationship With Parents

  • Develop Confidence Early In Their Life

  • Are Active Learners In School

  • Are Far More Successful In Life

Confident Kids:

Shy Kids On The Other Hand...

  • Frequent Conflicts With Parents & Siblings

  • Hide From Others & Being Misunderstood

  • Dislike Going To School (Affects Learning)

  • Suffers Silently (Can't Express Themselves)

Both my children enjoy their public speaking classes. My eldest is an introvert and would never speak up. The front of an audience. They even have mini showcases to boost confidence in children to be able to speak in stages. The teachers and staff are very friendly and supportive

Juliet Anthonysamy


Diversity & Inclusive

Diverse, inclusive classes improvve learning, culture competency, social skils, and prepare students for the real world

Fun Based Learning

Traditional class Is boring. We use fun learning process to help kids Overcome Shyness

No Scripts (Please)

We absolutely do not want kids to memorize a written script. (that is for robots.)

Certified Coaches

Our coaches are qualified, certified & trained to bring out the best in our kids.

Platform To Perform

We promise a physical event for students to participate in.

Personal Coaching

Providing personalized one-to-one sessions can help you understand your child's needs and support their progress.

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Our program is designed to boost children's speaking confidence and help them overcome shyness.


By providing a safe and supportive platform for them to shine, we help them view public speaking as a normal habit instead of something scary.


Additionally, the program creates wonderful childhood memories that last a lifetime.

Got to know these full of enthusiastic teachers and staff at one of the events they organized. The teachers and staffs are full of fun and very positive. I believe their students are having a good time with this center too. Keep up the good work for our younger generations.

Amy Chang

#1: Weekly Classes

(60 Minutes x Once a week)

We will place your child in a group of a maximum of 6 students in the same age group, and they will benefit from our certified coaches in a LIVE class setting.

#2: Private Coaching

(15 Minutes x Twice a month)

We allocate a private 1 on 1 session with our certified coach, mainly focusing on the theoretical part of public speaking. These 15-minute sessions will give your kid the victory they need to become a great speaker!

#3: Monthly External Showcase Event

Ebright students will have the exclusive opportunity to participate in monthly external events, providing a platform for talent showcases, and personal growth, and going home with long-lasting results.

#4: OnDemand eLearning Platform

(Unlimited Access)

We will give unlimited access to our customized Google Classroom platform. Apart from the weekly lesson and private coaching session, your kids can learn at their own pace anytime, anywhere from any device (pc, laptop, phone, or tablet). For ages 7-9 years old

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5 Star Review Rating

Ebright is one of the Top Kid's Public Speaking centers in Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines) to build confidence in your child’s public speaking. 


With 7 years of excellent track record, 10 international schools are running our program, and more than 1250 active students are currently enrolling in our weekly public speaking program. We know what it takes to transform your child. 


By participating in our public speaking courses, your child will learn to express more openly, become more confident, conquer the fear of public speaking, and communicate with students from different nationalities!

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Choice #1:
We Could Do Nothing...

  • Let them continue crying during your friends & family visits

  • Let them hiding in the car during family reunion and festive seasons

  • Let friends & family members think the kids are rude

  • Let them continue watching other kids playing and having fun

  • Let them continue being afraid in school

But let’s be frank, you wouldn’t want that if you had read this far.

Choice #2:
Keep Teaching Your Kids The Same Way

  • Over and over again until “it finally works”.

  • That can be a good choice for parents who have a lot of free time and no other responsibilities.

  • Slow in progress and your kids feel struggle.

  • These might increase the resistance towards communication.

Instead of trial and error, why not apply a proven learning methods to help your kids to breakthrough.

Choice #3:
Take Advantage Of Our ebright Kids Public Speaking Program

  • Where not only will our certified coaches use our proven learning methods to help your kid gain confidence.

  • We will also provide parents lifetime access to the tools and guides to assist them along the journey.

  • You can start taking the first step to unlock your kid’s confidence by enrolling now.

You’ll get instant access Ebright Kids Public Speaking program which includes A FREE LIVE CLASS with our certified coach

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In fact, many parents asked us the same question.

We encourage parents to take action as soon as possible.

This is because the longer the kid is being shy, the longer it takes to help them overcome it.

And this is why we’re paying for your first Ebright Kids Public Speaking session.😍

I didn't expect, much initially from the tryout but, it was worth every penny. My son looked forward to the classes each week. Kudos to the coach for making the class fun and engaging for the kids

Joey Leong

Let’s Join Us Today, You'll Receive:

A 60-minute live session with our certified coach

Opportunity to perform in our public speaking showcase

Certificate of completion upon completing the e-learning platform

A 15 minutes 1 on 1 private coaching session

Instant Access To OnDemand eLearning Center


Start Trial Class Now!

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  • 9. Can I Register Later?
    We are constantly improving the online learning experience for parents and kids. That means continuously investing in better coaches, teaching materials, and online learning technology. (And it is costly) We can’t promise to make Public Speaking Program – Conquer Your Shyness available at this price forever. (Private Coaching Sessions and access to Course Materials will be sold separately after this offer period) So we highly recommend parents take advantage of our free classes immediately.
  • 2. Can I See The My Kid’s Improve Within 1 Term? (3 Months)
    We do not want to overpromise that your child will have a massive improvement after completing their first 12 weeks. Based on our current observation, Kids who do not miss any of our sessions and receive support from their parents show significant improvements in their ability to express themselves and are much more confident than before. On top of this, we track the kid’s progress and share them with the parents in our Report Card. We are so certain of your kid’s improvement, we even provide a money-back guarantee for it.
  • 7. My Child Requires More Attention? Is This Program Suitable?
    This program targets students who can adapt to an online group setting of approximately 30 students. Should your child require a more personalized session, Ebright does offer a smaller 1 to 6 students group class with a different package. You may contact us for further info.
  • 6. My Child Is Extremely Shy, Will This Work For Him/Her ?
    This might surprise you, but we (the founders of eBright) were once very shy when we were kids. In fact, we were probably even more shy than your kids (How do you think we understand shy kids so well?) It was through public speaking program and find ways to manage our own shyness, we learned the benefits of being a confident kid. This is the main reason why we wanted to share this gift with kids similar to us.
  • 5. My Child Is Very Young, Will This Work For Him/Her ?
    eBright has helped 15,000 kids overcome shyness and start expressing themselves. A huge number of kids started as young as age 7. We find the earlier kids begin their learning journey in building self confidence, the easier it is for them to overcome shyness, and this makes them perform better in school.
  • 4. How Can We Monitor Our Kids' Progress?
    We provide a report card so parents can monitor their kid’s learning progress. The report card also contains feedback and tools for parents to further assist the kid’s learning. Parents who would like to play a more active role can observe their kid’s through the online class weekly. We also welcome parents to attend the public speaking showcase to see their kids in action. (You might want to prepare some tissue paper around as many parents tear up when seeing their once shy kid express themselves on camera.)
  • 8. My Child Is Not Very Proficient In English, Can He/She Be Able To Handle Class?
    We will use simple and easy to understand instructions for our students in class and we are not very strict on controlling grammar. Of course, it’s important but our goal is to make sure they are able to express themselves freely, talk more and write less. We won’t over-emphasize the grammatical mistakes when they are presenting.
  • 1. What Are Your Coaches’ Qualifications?
    Ebright has external qualifications and internal requirements to ensure the kids are only learning from credible sources and possess the ability to guide the kids. Our coaches must pass our special “Fun & Interactive” assessment as we strongly believe a fun and interactive class is essential to ensure the classes have high engagement. Apart from that, most of our coaches possess qualifications from TESL, English Literature, Psychology, etc. This ensures they have an excellent command of the language and are very fluent in their speeches. Besides, some of them acquired Toastmaster’s qualifications and even joined the World’s Scholars Cup.
  • 3. Are Online Classes Effective When It Comes To Overcoming Shyness?
    We understand why parents do not believe in the effectiveness of online learning programs. Especially for parents who have not been through transformative online programs themselves. Online learning has always been thought to “only works in western countries” and doesn’t work with Southeast Asian (Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore or Malaysia) kids. That is mainly because most learning has been done the traditional way (face-to-face learning), until the onset of the Pandemic which has accelerated online learning. Since then the education industry (especially kids education) has been adapting proven teaching and learning methods for the local community. When done correctly, online learning can be even more effective than the old ways. But you do not have to believe us until your kid experiences it. If your kid doesn’t show significant improvements, you are protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

I strongly recommend public speaking from Ebright as I can see good changes in how my kid delivers his speech now. The teacher encourage the kids to participate and my kid enjoyed every session. The teacher always gives good advice to kids and makes every session enjoyable.

Zehan Mohd Ali

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