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3 Tips to Enhance Your Voice Projection

Voice projection is the strength of speaking whereby the voice is used loudly and clearly in order for the audience to hear what is being spoken about. It is a technique used to make sure the audience of your speech are alert and hearing your speech. This is important as grabbing the attention of your audience is one of the main factors that contribute to the success of public speaking.

Voice projection relates to your ability to be heard loud and clear across the room. Whether you have a mike or not is irrelevant; volume and the ability to control it will greatly enhance the impression others have of your confidence and poise. Your ability to project depends on your mood, posture and breathing.

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1. Watch your breathing.

One of the main factors that contribute greatly to voice projection is your breathing. Do you know that breathing technique is essential for proper voice projection? A properly projected voice uses air properly flowing from the expansion of the diaphragm, whereas in normal talking one may use air from the top of the lungs. In good vocal technique, well-balanced breathing is especially important to maintain great vocal projection. The goal is to isolate and relax the muscles controlling the vocal folds, so that they are not strained by the tension.

A way to improve breathing from the diaphragm is to lie on your back on a flat surface. Your goal will be to fill your lungs from the bottom causing your diaphragm to rise and fall. To increase resistance put a small amount of weight, like a book or a ball, on your diaphragm and repeat this exercise. Try standing up and seeing if you can continue to breathe from your diaphragm.

2. Keep up a good stance.

Aside from your breathing, your stance is also important. Actors are taught to stand alert with the feet shoulder width apart and the upstage foot (foot farther from the audience, when not facing the audience) slightly forward. This improves balance and breathing tremendously.

How you stand or sit will impact the power of your voice. Consider stage singers as an example. They stand very straight, especially when they are singing difficult songs. This is because they cannot afford to have anything blocking the flow of air from their diaphragm to their throat. It is the same with speaking.

3. Articulating your words.

When it comes to voice control, communicating clearly refers to how well you are able to enunciate or articulate your words. Enunciation is a vital part of speaking clearly. No one will understand what you are saying if you run your words together and mumble them to become a separate word altogether. This is especially important for actors, public speakers, singers, and anyone who must communicate verbally with others on a regular basis.

With these points in mind, hopefully the concept of voice projection isn’t so foreign for you anymore. Next time you have a speech to deliver, keep in mind these three things, and you won’t have any problems relating to your voice projection anymore!


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