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What Kids Say | Importance of Public Speaking!

It’s not a secret that most of us prefer to not be on stage presenting our speech. Why? Because it is quite hard to manage yourself when you are the center of attention, certainly! Therefore, Ebright believes the strength of public speaking in youth and how it affects their confidence greatly. We always stand with trying to help as many students as we can to master the art of speaking in public.

In this video, our students share the importance of public speaking themselves, after going through our weekly classes that are offered by Ebright Public Speaking. You can watch said video below!

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One of our students shared that public speaking is important for them to communicate with each other. Being able to communicate with each other is important in the real world, as information are pass through communicating verbally and non-verbally. Even with a lot of advancement in technology that requires little to no face to face interaction at all, ultimately humans will still need to communicate effectively. Picking up soft skills like public speaking and storytelling are some of the pathways to enhance communication skills.

Furthermore, public speaking is also important to deliver information to the crowd. Usually public speaking is done to influence or to inform an audience about something beneficial and important to the speaker. Hence, the reason why public speaking is so important is because through that medium, the speaker is able to influence his audience and in some special cases, guide them to be better in some aspects of their lives. For example, if you are giving a speech about mental health and one of the person in the crowd is silently struggling with their own battles, if you deliver your points to inspire or reassure them, you might even save a life!

Besides that, another student shares that public speaking is important if in the future, you want to pursue your dream and become someone influential. As mentioned before, public speaking allows you to influence and to persuade people for the better. Those with these skills are only a few but it is certainly able to be enhanced, especially if you start practicing it from a younger age. To become influential is a responsibility, therefore, being able to communicate effectively is important to achieve that dream.

Practicing speaking on stage and in front of a huge audience has certainly helped this student because she shared that public speaking has helped her a lot to think properly on stage whenever she is stuck in nerves. This is usual for everyone as stage fright is inevitable and hard to dismiss once you have accustomed it to something awful in your brain. Therefore, to be able to practice and evaluate their growth is something we really pay attention to in Ebright.

That concludes the end of the sharing session by some of the students in Ebright Public Speaking! Again, do give the video a watch to see the students talk about the importance of public speaking.


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Don't miss the chance to claim your FREE 1 Hour Class by registering from this link!

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