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The Team

Are you someone who adores kids? How would you like to  inspire them and watch them grow into creative, confident youths?

Well, that's what we're doing! And we're constantly looking to expand our team. 

We welcome you to apply and be a part of the team today!





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Kevin Founder/Coach

My name is Kevin Khoo and I’m a Soft skills Trainer & Coach! I provide professional speaking and personal development skills coaching to students throughout Klang Valley.

My passions lie in helping the younger generation develop better communication skills, especially when placed in front of large audiences. In such scenarios, there is always a lot of anxiety going on up at the stage, mainly due to lack of experience and exposure.


This is a big problem for Malaysian students, and the moment I realized the need for it, I started developing coaching workshops and tools that help with mastering public speaking and performance anxiety. 

Since eBright's incorporation, I've personally lead the design of our soft skills development programme towards a singular goal - to unleash the hidden potential in people, especially in the area of public speaking. Currently, we have more than 180 students under our wing as part of our kids & teens development programmes.

Rachel Coach

Hi there! My name is Rachel, and I'm a coach at eBright.

As a relatively young coach, I can relate to the issues that our younger generation face when asked to present or give a speech.


Public speaking isn't something that's being taught in our schools, thus causing many students to graduate from school with little to no experience at all in public speaking. That's why I'm here!

I'm passionate about helping children discover their true potentials and live up to it. The lack of awareness about the importance of public speaking in our youth is really detrimental to their growth. But I believe that with the proper coaching, this mindset can be corrected and that children who learn to be authoritative and comfortable public speakers can pay daily dividends.

Athirah Content Writer/Coach

 My name is Athirah and I'm a coach in eBright. I'm currently pursuing a Bachelors of Arts in English Literature.


My colorful experiences regarding public speaking started since I was very young. I'm very passionate when it comes to empowering youth and I have the confidence and energy to back it up.


My ultimate goal is to help young Malaysians to find their voice amidst a lot of challenges in our current environment. I'm here to provide a platform for youth empowerment through public speaking because I believe that a change comes from oneself.


"Be the change that you want to see in the world" is my life's motto that is quoted from Mahatma Gandhi. Now, working in an environment such as eBright is the best chance for me to help discover the youth's hidden potential

Rahman Content writer/Coach

I am Abdur Rahman bin Ismail, a content writer, syllabus designer and coach for eBright. I am currently pursuing a Bachelors of Languages and Linguistics (English) with Honors.

My goal is to nurture every generation, young and old, into becoming the best that they aspire to be through example, action and wisdom. I believe through obtaining and honing their soft skills can the newer generation be able to thrive and succeed in life and become an excellent guide for the next generation to come.

Public speaking is a skill that is lacking within our society, particularly among the youth, and this skill is critical in receiving and sharing knowledge, in nurturing relationships, and in creating a society that promotes critical and innovative thinking.

My core values in teaching can be summarized by a quote from Peter Dinklage; "Treat everyone kindly, and light up the night"

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Emelin Coach

 My name is Emelin, I am a coach here at eBright. Currently, I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Accounting and Finance.

Coaching kids is a pleasure and I enjoy doing so as I have a love for kids and I aim to aid them to be the best they can be.

I strongly believe that having a strong self-confidence is crucial in a child's development and through public speaking; children are able to build their self-confidence to achieve their fullest potential. I myself may also be able to build my own self-confidence through coaching.

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Warson Coach

My name is Warson and I'm a coach for eBright! I hold a Bachelor of Psychology (Industrial and Organizational Psychology) and have two years of working experience as an HR Recruiter at Multinational Corporation. Currently, I'm pursuing a Masters of Education (Educational Psychology).


Besides being a public speaker coach, I also specialise in education for special needs children. 


I have an ultimate goal - and that is to train Malaysian students to a level where they can become comfortable and proficient public speakers to help them stand out as efficient communicators. I'm also passionate about working in a educational setting with children who are autistic are slow learners.

Peace, Culture, and Education are the values of my core belief in order to create a better society. Teaching and sharing with students is my passion.