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3 Tips on Using Props During a Presentation

Often times, props are used to enhance the impact of a presentation. The size of the prop used usually depends on the size of the stage or the relativity to content being presented. Most props are small enough to be handled by the presenter. The prop can also be the product that is being spoken about. Here are 3 small tips that can help you put props to good use.

1. Make sure the audience can see the prop. The larger the audience, the more conscious you have to be if everyone can see the prop. It is frustrating if you are sitting right at the end and cannot see it because you will not understand the message or example that is being proved by the prop. Even for small audiences, a speaker must be sure that people can see the prop. This means holding it up or setting it up high enough and for long enough so that people can get a meaningful look. Even if your topic of speech is safety pins, do not use safety pin as a prop. Instead, make a life-sized one using cardboard.

2. Make sure the prop works. The more complicated the prop, the greater the chance that it may go faulty. Test the prop multiple times and one last time right before your speech. This is especially important if the prop is crucial to the presentation. If your prop is an electronic device, make sure you have it charged/carry spare batteries. A faulty prop is as good as no prop

3. Keep the prop hidden until you need it. This is more easily done with small props that you can keep in your pocket or by the side of the stage. However, it might be possible with larger props if you have a big stage with a back curtain or wings. Keeping the prop hidden will not distract the audience while you are talking about something and the impact of the prop at the point of reveal will be greater when it happens. Imagine you jumping from someone’s back, shouting “SURPRISE”!

We hope we’ve given you enough tips to wow your audience by using props. Besides, it adds the little oomph that your presentation might have lacked. Try it out and let us know!

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