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Recently, Ebright Kids Public Speaking has found a new partner to collaborate with and it is the well-known Trinity College London which specialized in certified international English examinations.


We have published new programmes are aligned with the ones established by the association. These programmes are designed to encourage the development of confidence as well as spoken and written English for children and teenagers. Below are the programmes and suggested age group of each:

Speech Communication Art


  • Suitable for students aged 7 to 11. 

  • Syllabus revolves around interpersonal skills, expressive speaking,  practical speaking, reflective skills.

  • Assessment Levels: SCA 1, SCA 2, SCA 3.


Communication Skills

  • Suitable for ​teenagers aged 12-18.

  • Syllabus emphasizes on professional topics and speeches.

  • Assessment Levels: Grade 4-8.

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