Good afternoon teacher..

Today is 👩‍🦱's last class with Ebright..  I would like to thanks to Ebright especially Ms Thiviya for inspiring and teaching 👩‍🦱 to be more confident in her speech.. She have requested to continue this class, but we have register her in robotic class earlier. Thank you for being so good and so patient with her. God bless you more and keep up the wonderful work!

Thank you so much.


Highly recommend.

My son love it very much.
Its his most favourite class he dont want to skip.
Im really happy he enjoyed it..He learned alot.🥰🥰 and he loved Teacher Rebecca guidences.💙💙

Hi, my girl loves the class.

My girl loves the class. She is looking forward to attend the classes every week. She is no longer so shy in expressing herself now. 

Teacher Ewen is very attentive and gave positve encouragement to the kids.  She is supportive and tactful. Thumb up.


Hi, 👩 enjoys the class.

Kudos to the teacher for making it a fun class 👏 She was forced to join the class initially. I'm surprised that she told me she wanted to continue.


Hi 👋

I see improvements in her. She love to attend the classes and able to communicate with her coach without any fear. Her coach is very good in deliver the weekly topics to her & let her understand more clearly. Also encouraging her to do better.

Smiling Kid

Hi there,

👨‍🦱 is enjoying his class very much. He said he found friends in there and enjoying the session. The teacher also very good.

Thank you for teaching 🧒

My son doesn't usually have the opportunity for a speech session at school, so it was a great opportunity.

At first he was nervous, but the teacher cheerfully encouraged him, so he was motivated.