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Public Speaking Training Courses

Every week, we hold multiple classes at different times and venues in Klang Valley. Children will learn discussion skills, listening, public speaking, leadership, teamwork and presentation skills, among others.

Ages 7-12, 13-16


Our intensive workshops offer children a direct exposure to public speaking and help them develop the skill sets of a professional speaker over a short amount of time. 

Ages 7-12, 13-16

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We are able to provide public speaking classes to growing numbers of students from collaborating schools all over Malaysia through our special school collaboration programme.


Having given talks in more than 50 primary and secondary schools, our coaches have impacted thousands of students all over Klang Valley, with significant results. 

Intensive Public Speaking Skills Workshops

Spend the school holidays with us and learn something new! Our intensive public speaking skills workshops held during the school holidays are the perfect settings for a crash course in public speaking and soft skills training. Lasting not more than a couple of days, this confidence booster will teach children all about the basics of public speaking and how to deliver engaging presentations that will captivate audiences!

Upcoming 2-Day Workshop:

To Be Announced

Intensive Workshops

School Collaboration Programme

In order to reach out to more students nationwide, we have collaborated with multiple schools throughout Malaysia to provide public speaking classes to students in collaborating schools with discounted price for each term.

The programme has shown success with the growing number of schools and students taking part. The School Collaboration Programme has opened more opportunities for children to be able to get a head start in and public speaking skills and improve their confidence for future development!

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School Collaboration

School Engagements (Primary & Secondary)

Ebright Kids Public Speaking in the past has reached out to wider audiences through our regular school engagements. Now, especially through online platform, we are able to provide public speaking classes to almost 100 students each month throughout Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

The school programs have proved effective in the past, delivering real and significant results for students nationwide. Students have benefited from the learning strategies we've shared and at the same became much more empowered to discover their full potential.

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School Engagements
Trinity College London

Trinity College London 

Recently, Ebright Kids Public Speaking has found a new partner to collaborate with and it is the well-known Trinity College London which is specialized in certified international English examinations.


  • Communication Skills: 

    • Suitable for ​kids and teenagers aged 7-16.

    • The syllabus emphasizes professional topics and speeches.

    • Assessment Levels: Grade 1-8.

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