Public Speaking Training Courses

Every week, we hold multiple classes at different times and venues in Klang Valley. Children will learn discussion skills, listening, public speaking, leadership, teamwork and presentation skills, among others.

Ages 7-12, 13-17

Our intensive workshops offer children a direct exposure to public speaking and help them develop the skill sets of a professional speaker over a short amount of time. 

Ages 7-12, 13-17

Personal coaching addresses custom needs and offers a course that is tailored entirely to the individual. Our coaches will be your personal guide for the duration of your programme, making sure that nothing gets left out in the learning process.

Having given talks in more than 50 primary and secondary schools, our coaches have impacted thousands of students all over Klang Valley, with significant results. 

eBright has collaborated with the well-known Trinity College London recently. After publishing a new programme called the Speech Communication Arts (SCA), we're looking forward to reach new heights.

Intensive Public Speaking Skills Workshops

Spend the school holidays with us and learn something new! Our intensive public speaking skills workshops held during the school holidays are the perfect settings for a crash course in public speaking and soft skills training. Lasting not more than a couple of days, this confidence booster will teach children all about the basics of public speaking and how to deliver engaging presentations that will captivate audiences!

Upcoming 2-Day Workshop:

To Be Announced

Kids Public Speaking Classes
Kids Public Speaking Classes

Personal Coach for Public Speaking

Everyone learns differently. No matter your pace or preference, eBright offers a one-on-one learning experience that's fully personal and customizable according to your needs. You will learn how to express ideas confidently, clearly, and concisely - all at the pace you decide!


This particular public speaking personal couching program is also well-suited to special needs children or children who have difficulty keeping up with the standardized syllabus. With Educational psychology, we are able to identify a child's learning patterns and employ teaching methods that can directly address the child's needs.


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School Engagements (Primary & Secondary)

eBright Kids Public Speaking reaches out to wider audiences through our regular school engagements, which include but are not limited to: motivational talks, goal setting, and presentation skills program for students sitting for for PT3, SPM, IGCSE, UEC and others.

The school programs have proved effective in the past, delivering real and significant results for students nationwide. Students have benefited from the learning strategies we've shared and at the same became much more empowered to discover their full potential.

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Kids Public Speaking Classes
Kids Public Speaking Classes

Trinity College London 

Recently, eBright Kids Public Speaking has found a new partner to collaborate with and it is the well-known Trinity College London which is specialized in certified international English examinations.


We have published new programs in drama class for kids aligned with the ones established by the association. These programs are designed to encourage the development of confidence as well as spoken and written English for children and teenagers. Below are the programs and suggested age group of each:

  • Young Performance Certificate (YPC): 

    • Suitable for young leaners aged 4 to 6. 

    • Syllabus concerns drama and performance.

    • Assessment Levels: YPC Bronze, YPC Silver, YPC Gold.

  • Speech Communication Art (SCA): 

    • Suitable for students aged 7 to 11. 

    • Syllabus revolves around interpersonal skills, expressive speaking,  practical speaking, reflective skills.

    • Assessment Levels: SCA 1, SCA 2, SCA 3.

  • Communication Skills: 

    • Suitable for ​teenagers aged 12-18.

    • Syllabus emphasizes on professional topics and speeches.

    • Assessment Levels: Grade 4-8.

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