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3 Ways to Improve Speech Vocabularies

Vocabulary is deemed to be not necessary by the vast community in Malaysia. Especially in a multiracial country like Malaysia where juggling different languages are normal. People tend not to fully grasp a language.

However, in certain circumstances where only desired or applied language settings are involved, code-mixing is not needed. We have to stick to one language while communicating. That’s why we have to improve our speech vocabulary, namely from a young age.

One of many methods used in tackling opportunity is having a dictionary. It doesn’t matter whether it's a physical book or online. As long as it’s from a trustworthy source and updated one that would suffice. With a wide array of technologies and free online educational activities, you can learn while also teaching your kids at home. Try to have a new word each day and try to apply it in daily activities. Don’t forget to learn the meaning so that you and your kids can use the word correctly.

Next, assuming every reader has gadgets at home. Using modern technologies and applications is very useful in terms of improving one’s vocabulary. We can find numerous language apps on the phone, and tablets as well as through websites. These platforms not only focus on teaching their learners the language but also the language structures themselves. Name whatever you want, it can be words, verbs and so much more. Everything is at our fingertips now! Parents can also adopt “words of the day” activity in their child's daily routines. This will ensure that they would learn new words and add them to their brain dictionary along with broadening the usage of different sentence structures. This would ensure them to use the language creatively. Hence, this will assure that the kids will be able to reflect their knowledge in terms of language acquisition.

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