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Linking Your Words Efficiently!

Sharing of your thoughts is important when it comes to writing a speech for your presentation. Previously, we wrote about how to write your speech effectively, now we will explain why using linkers in your speech is important for your speech preparation!

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The writer needs to use transitional words and phrases to encourage a reader to effectively go through the document with a complete and detailed understanding of each point and idea expressed in the document. By creating a link between sentences and paragraphs, transitions function as bridges that string together the ideas expressed in a text.

Transitional words and phrases encourage a reader to switch from one concept to the next concept in simple words. They support and assist the reader in creating a relation or a linkage between the concepts expressed. Time, instances, exceptions, parallels, and sequences plus a lot more are indicated clearly by transitions.

Many phrases can serve as transitions. Words or phrases such as first, second, then, later, afterward, instantly, at this point, a few days later, although, and so on, are some of the most popular ones. Even basic terms serve as transitions, such as and or but. The other idea must have a relation with the previous one when a paragraph or an idea ends, and the implementation of the same must be smooth. This is where transitional words and phrases become really handy.

The reader goes into a state of confusion without transitional terms and phrases, as the text diverts them from the point that was originally expressed. Therefore, the ultimate purpose of the writing job, whether it is to persuade or teach the readers, faces failure. The use of transitional terms and phrases will help you score well in your essay writing assignment if you are a student, as your assessor would be able to make full sense of your essay and even obtain the key ideas expressed in the essay.

In situations where a text fails to explain that a new topic is being discussed, in order to further validate the general concept of the article, the reader fails to realise that a transition has existed and that the previous topic is being addressed. Therefore, when a writer uses transitional terms and phrases, when a new point comes up, things becomes clear. Especially in the case of academic papers and essay writing assignments, it is extremely important to use transitional terms and phrases.

Your voice would be much smoother by making a few transitions to short sentences. But writing anything in one sentence per line format is not an easy task for even the best writer, so merging sentences when concepts are linked into short paragraphs of 2-4 sentences each. Varying the length of the phrases makes reading more fun as well. Though, for emphasis, don't hesitate to put in a few one-liners here and there.

Using any transitional words or phrases, without a doubt, will turn a confusing speech into an interesting one.


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