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Turn Your Nervousness Into Excitement!

1. Sing it like you mean it.

Singing is one way to reduce stress and make an individual more excited. A study was held by researchers in 1981, that a gr

oup of participants are required to sing the song “Don’t Stop Believing” by a band called Journey. The surveys showed that people that went all in with the singing ended up having high levels of excitement compared to the less enthusiastic people which ended up having high levels of anxiety.

Try singing a couple of favorite songs of yours before starting your daily activities or when you show signs of nervousness, it might help out!

2. Anxiety reappraisal.

There is a way into tricking your mind into being excited in the midst of nervousness. A study conducted by Harvard Business School mentioned that telling ourselves to be excited when we are in an anxious state can actually make us excited. It is as easy as it sounds! Since both the feeling of anxiety and excitement are considered to be “arousal states of mind”.

Might as well try experimenting this with yourself, you might find some interesting results!

3. Focus on the positive outcomes rather than negative ones.

We often remember outcomes that are negative and that can cause anxiety. We start to ask unnecessary questions to ourselves and fall into the pit of overthinking. When we put our minds into the positive outcomes, there will be a motivation to do better and not burden ourselves with unnecessary thoughts. Instead of saying “what happens if I fail?” we should start saying “what happens if I succeed?”.

To generously think of positive outcomes can have a huge impact on our lives. Let us strive to make it a habit!

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