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Professional Public Speaking Training

At some point in their lives, your children will find themselves in an environment where they will have to communicate, persuade and present in the presence of other people, either professionally or socially. 


When faced with such a task, many adults tend to become anxious and are unable to perform at their peak. It is situations like these that make us realise how vital soft skills are to young people looking to succeed in a world that demands confidence, articulation and the ability to clearly communicate ideas. 

The Problem of Fear of Public Speaking

However talented or academically-inclined they may be, most Malaysian children display at least one of the following traits: 

  • Shy & Introverted

  • Lack of self-confidence

  • Lack of soft skills

  • Fear of public speaking

  • Afraid to speak in English

  • Feel insecure, or not as good as other kids

  • Doubt their ability to do well at things

Why Public Speaking Skill Matters

Academic performance is no longer the sole decider for how accomplished a person is. Interpersonal skills are equally important, if not more. We're talking about crucial verbal and diplomatic skills that are rarely taught in school, much less anywhere else.

Kids Public Speaking Classes

Top reasons for unemployment

Poor soft skills lead to unemployment
Kids Public Speaking Classes

The Solution Is Professional Public Speaking Courses

Children need a professional public speaking training for kids to practice and develop their interpersonal skills alongside dedicated, professional public speaking trainers.


With proper training and preparation, your child would be able to summon great verve and confidence to speak to sizable groups or even in a one-to-one scenario. 

With our professional public speaking training, your child will get to:

  • Build self confidence and self esteem

  • Crisply articulate their points in a methodological fashion

  • Enjoy delivering speeches and presentations with ease

  • Create world class speeches and presentations with a proper introduction, body and conclusion

  • Develop strong eye contact, poise and articulation

  • Obtain valuable interpersonal skills

  • Think critically and creatively in challenging situations 

At Ebright Kids Public Speaking, we practice a fully transparent operational model. By fully assessing every child's public speaking training, not only do we keep our trainers updated on their specific requirements and needs, but at the same time, parents too can be kept up to date on their child's progress. Growing up is a journey best taken together!

Click here to know more about our professional public speaking training! 

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