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3 Don’ts When It Comes To Getting Your Kids To Listen To You

All parents want obedient kids. They want kids that listen to the elders, especially when they are told to behave. Here is the thing. Not all kids listen to the elders and getting them to do so, can be a tough one. What most parents resort to is to raise their voice or use force to get things done. This can impact kids negatively and therefore is not commendable. What in fact works, is a positive approach. Here are 3 don’ts and 3 do’s that you should incorporate moving forward.

1. Don’t interrupt when the kids are speaking, instead be an active listener.

Kids can be enthusiastic and get excited over many things. It could be about something that happened in school, at the neighbourhood, a small argument they had with friends, a sibling’s wrong doing or even about a cartoon they watched. Let them speak and share their views uninterrupted. When you interrupt or deviate the conversation, it makes them wonder if you have time for them. All you have to do is LISTEN

2. Don’t neglect their ideas/views, instead encourage them to speak more

As kids, they may not know how the world works and may simply speak their mind based on what they have experienced thus far. Even if it does not make sense, let them speak their mind. Encourage them to share their opinion no matter how relevant it is. Constant encouragement is key in bringing out the best versions of the kids. For example, ask the kids “What did you think about mom’s new haircut?” or “How did you like the game?”

3. Don’t control or restrict how kids speak, instead praise or reward the kids when they do well.

Positive reinforcement works wonders! You could reward them with a sticker, a sweet or even an hour of play. Such rewards cherish and motivate kids to do better. It also makes them feel better. You will see them develop confidence as time goes on. What more does a parent want than a happy confident kid?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to grooming kids. Different kids grow up differently, but with some hand holding and guiding, you can steer them in the right direction. Start ‘em young. Be more attentive and appreciative of what the kids do. When you acknowledge and listen to them, they will reciprocate.

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