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3 Easy Topics That Would Most Likely Get Any Kid Talking!

The extrovert kid has no issue talking. In fact you have to think how to get them to stop talking (kidding!). It is the introverts that we are talking about here. They are reserved however there is a possibility to get them talking if you manage to capture their attention or land on a commonly agreeable topic. Then, you will see them open up or make small talks for a start. Here are a few of such topics:-

What is your favourite cartoon?

This is a great topic to get kids talking because kids loooooove cartoons. These days, cartoons are not only telecasted on television, but via online platforms such as Netflix and Youtube. All you have to do is to get to know some of the common cartoons such as Baby Shark, Peppa Pig, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Paw Patrol, Blippi, Mickey Mouse and so on. When you approach the kids, and they mention any of these names, you know how to grow the conversation. Voila!

What is your favourite animal?

Most likely it will be a dinosaur, tiger, lion, cat, dog or elephant. You rarely get rhinoceros, alligator, ostrich and bat. It’s a miracle how kids have strong affinity towards animals maybe because they are distinct in shape. Therefore it is easy to differentiate plus colourful and cuuuuuuute. You can ask follow up questions such as “Why do you like this animal?” “What colour is this animal?” “Can you make a noise like this animal?”

Who is your favourite superhero?

There are sooooo many superhero movies nowadays, unlike some years ago where it was just superman and spiderman. So kids are more accustomed to superheroes because they are everywhere – in clothings, in waterbottles, in schoolbags, in shoes and slippers, in bed spreads and even curtains. There is a high chance that kids will respond to this, given that they are exposed to it!

One thing that you should take note of, when trying to get a kid to speak, is to not use an authoritative tone. Try a gentle approach and coax them to start talking. Compliment them or give them a high five. Once you have built rapport with the kid, the future meetings will be a lot more seamless

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