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3 English Idioms/ Phrases With Two Words That You Can Use

One way to lighten the content of your speech is to add in some idioms, phrases and metaphor. These are great at making the audience grasp the main point of your speech. If you are delivering a speech with serious content, then you MUST take note of these idioms / phrases because you don’t want the audience to lose concentration with super high – end vocab! Nahh, we don’t want to be carrying a truck load of info in the brain once you end your speech. So checkout the phrases

  • Topsy – turvy

What does topsy – turvy mean? It simply means to be confused or to be in a disorderly manner. It is best used when you speak about having to go back and forth before making a decision. Heard the phrase standing on a fence? Well, this is it. An example of a sentence would be “I was at the topsy – turvy moment in my life, until my teacher gave me the motivation to pick myself up and brush off the past.”

  • Mumbo – jumbo

This does sound African doesn’t it? Something like Samba? (LOL) Mumbo - jumbo means something gibberish, something that does not make sense. It is simply incomprehensible to the human brain. But it is also often times used to depict something said that does not add up. So instead of saying nonsense, you can say, “He said a bunch of mumbo - jumbo that was just not practical.”

  • Hush – hush

You may have guessed it right! The term hush-hush was derived from the word “hush” which means to stop someone from talking. This off-spin term means to keep a secret from people. Imagine a scenario whereby you and your friend are talking about Mr X and it so happens that Mr X passes by at that very moment. So you would let your friend know to stop talking or ask him to talk in a hushed voice. Why? Because it is a hush - hush affair.

What did you think of these phrases? Slide them in your presentation and let us know how it went!


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