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3 Useful Tips to Prepare Your Speech!

Public speaking can be defined as a process of interacting with a crowd in an organized way. From this definition, it can be inferred that a speech should be prepared as much as possible in order to achieve an effective and organized speaking session. Through sufficient

preparation, a positive outcome can be reached.

In order to be effective in public speaking, you must be prepared to combat anxiety so as to overcome it. Even professional public speakers encounter anxiety or fear before delivering their speech on stage. Their only difference is that they know how to overcome this anxiety with ample speech preparation. Besides, it is important to start it on time, so that you don’t have to be pressured by short deadlines. Whenever your next public performance may be, now is the right time to start preparing.

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1. Organizing Your Topic

The technique will structure your speech so that you don’t have to think about what comes next. If you arrange the aspects of your topic in logical order, you’ll be able to follow the course of the speech with ease, and that will reduce your fear of sudden memory loss. When creating a presentation, make sure it is concise yet informative, so you don’t feed too much unnecessary facts about your ideas, just the ones that matter the most. Don’t include too much information in it, because you’ll confuse your audience and probably yourself. Give them just a glimpse of each segment you’ll talk about and then elaborate orally. We will soon address the topic of creating an excellent presentation.

2. Rehearse Your Presentation

Creating a solid presentation is only the first step to getting prepared. When you finish it, you’ll have a clear picture of the things you should talk about. However, your preparation isn’t over yet. Rehearsing is a crucial part of a successful presentation. Memorizing your speech isn’t the only goal of rehearsal. What is equally important, is to practice until your speech sounds fluent and you become familiar and comfortable with it. You can ask your friend, family member, or a colleague to listen to you and provide you feedback. Make sure you have enough time for this step. Remember that rehearsal is important for everyone – even people who sound like they are naturally great at a public performance actually admit to having rehearsed their speech dozens of times.

3. Reward Yourself

After finishing your speech, when you realize that not only did you survive, but you did a decent job at delivering your speech, do reward yourself with something you enjoy. Celebrate your small victory and look forward to others. That may be the first one, and each next will be a reason to celebrate because you are one step closer to becoming a better public speaker, a better version of your present self. This method will not only make you look forward to challenge yourself more, but also prompt you to prepare ahead, simultaneously lessening your jitters to speak publicly.

The success of any speech is not only measured by its content but also on its delivery. It is absolutely crucial that preparation must be done in the area of delivery and style as well as its content. No audience wants to listen to a boring speaker who behaves more like a 'public reader'. Effective public speaking involves deciding on the approach on how to bring across your points to your audience.


What do you think about this blog post? Do leave a comment and we will reply below. You are also encouraged to start a conversation in the comment section!

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Devi Korada
Devi Korada
Mar 23, 2022

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