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Fear of Being Stared At: How to Manage Scopophobia

Fear of being stared at, also known as Scopophobia is not uncommon. The question is how do you cope with it? Do you find solutions or should you just ignore it?

Having scopophobia is challenging. In severe cases, it affects one’s life. One could experience intense anxiety when standing in front of everyone and being the centre of attention; however, we can manage this fear by considering a few methods.

You should, first and foremost, limit or refrain from consuming any caffeinated foods, beverages, and other stimulants like sugar. These chemicals can over-fuel your body, causing your adrenaline levels to soar and your heart rate to rise, which makes you feel nervous. Additionally, you can stretch beforehand to stabilise your emotions and mood.

Next, always be prepared and focus on your speech materials. Knowing that you are well prepared, it is almost impossible for you to get swayed. Many individuals who have stage fright have an unrelenting inner critic: “You don’t have enough knowledge of your own actions,” “Your vocal range isn't excellent,” “The spectators will despise me.” The majority of us experience this, so shove your inner critics aside and focus instead on the message you're about to deliver to the audience.

Smile! Be personable and make connections. You might also find that picturing your perfect performance or ruminating the worst-case scenarios helps you get over stage fear.

Last but not least, celebrate your achievements; no matter how small they are!

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