Kids Public Speaking Class

With more than 70 schools visited,  10 public speaking program locations throughout Klang Valley and online classes throughout East Asia, Ebright Kids Public Speaking has trained nearly 15,000 young lives through the art of public speaking via our public speaking courses for kids and teens!

We are a group of certified public speaking trainers who are dedicated to empowering children and unlocking your kid's full potential through public speaking and presentation skills that make a world class public speaker.

Fun and comprehensive courses to nurture younger generations in the art of speech and self confidence. The kids public speaking courses cater to children aged 7-12, and teens aged 12-17.

Keep up to date on special public speaking related events and functions. Events like these provide greater opportunities to explore and learn more about Ebright Kids Public Speaking platform.

Useful snippets to help you enhance your speaking skills and charisma. We update our public speaking blog weekly, so check back often for new and amazing stuff relating to !

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Kids Public Speaking Class

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Kids Public Speaking Class


My daughter gets to learn plenty of techniques & skills for speaking in public from this 2-days Kids Public Speaking workshop. Thanks for the great learning experience for my daughter. She enjoyed it very much. Highly recommended.


I have benefited a lot, I have learned eye contact, facial expression, vocal variety, positive thinking and etc.....I have improved my public speaking skills through this workshop. In future, I hope that I can attend the public speaking workshop again soon.


Kevin, thanks for your training. Just now I went for sharing for Ipoh, and I felt so confident. Very much unlike last time before attending your class. I did the power pose before sharing and talked a bit with the audience before the sharing started. Really works leh!

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