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 Empower Their Voices Through Our Debate Class!

Register now for a Trial class!

Ebright HQ @ Subang Jaya, Selangor

Online trial classes will be conducted via zoom


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What Your Child Will Gain From Ebright Debate Class

  1. A Burst of Confidence: Through debating, the students will experience an entirely new way of speaking that will boost their confidence in conveying their opinions, thinking critically as well as creatively, display more confidence in their body posture and empower their voices to be strong and firm.

  2. A Strong Sense of Drive: Lessons given will simulate the competitive setting that  debates have that will ignite a drive within them to improve their debating proficiency. 

  3. Calm and Composed Under Pressure:  Students will learn to compose themselves and deliver their part with elegance and dignity during debates that are usually fast paced, heated and competitive. 

  4. Improved Researching Skills: Students will develop and hone their researching skills as they gather evidence, facts, and statistics to support their positions. This will not only expose them to more complex information but also expand their overall general knowledge 

  5. Fun and Interactive Classes: The classes are designed to be enjoyable and engaging, incorporating various activities to make the learning process enjoyable for your child. This approach helps maintain their interest and enthusiasm throughout the program.

  6. Qualified Coaches: The program boasts well-trained coaches, some of whom have received training from UK Advisors and are pursuing teaching certifications. This ensures that your child receives guidance from experienced professionals who are dedicated to their growth and development.

With Debate, You Can Unleash Your Child's Confidence. We Guarantee A Platform To Shine On Stage Every Month at Ebright Public Speaking!

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Register Now For A Trial Class!

Ebright HQ @ Subang Jaya, Selangor

Online trial classes will be conducted via zoom

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