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3 Exercises To Reduce Mumbling

When a person mumbles, the listener finds it difficult to understand what that person says. When a person mumbles, it can seem as though they prefer not to be heard. Or worse, it can seem as though they are ashamed of what they are saying. And we don’t want that! If you find yourself mumbling, don’t be hard on yourself; it happens to all of us. Instead, speak with confidence. Believe that your voice matters

So here are 3 exercises to help you scale down the mumbling:-

  • Speak with a distance set - Pick your phone and switch the camera on. Next, place the phone at 1 meter distance. Prepare a content and speak as your phone records the speech. Next move the phone further by a meter. Now record as you speak at 2 meters distance. Gradually move the phone further and further away. The goal is to make your voice audible regardless of the distance.

  • Practice tongue twisters - Here’s the twist. The purpose of this practice is to achieve clear pronunciation, not speed. You can be fast or slow, but what is being said has to be crystal clear. We don’t want sloppy consonants, do we? You can always start with the famous “Betty bought a butter” – Betty bought a butter, but the butter was bitter. Betty bought a better butter to make the bitter butter better butter.

  • Work the muscles in your mouth - One tool to speak more clearly is to train your mouth muscles so that you pronounce better. This simple exercise can help your muscles work a little harder. Put your thumb in your mouth and bite down gently. Then, read aloud the content that you have prepared. Try to be loud and speak as clearly as you can. Do this for at least a minute a day and notice how clear you sound right away.

Researching and identifying solutions are step 1 to improving one’s self. Step 2, in fact a very important step is to put the findings into good use. The points listed in this blog may sound easy but it will not work if you don’t practice what you read. We hope the intention of wanting to improve will drive you to put it in good use. Let us know how your practice went!

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