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4 Main Elements of PREP!

The PREP framework is an easy and effective way to give a short impromptu speech. If you have ever been called up to speak at short notice, you know how stressful it can be. PREP is an acrostic that stands for Point, Reasons, Example, and Point. In the world of professionalism, one can’t afford to be wrong at anything, not even writing a paragraph.

So here is a quick and easy method to write down a correct and effective paragraph when you are tasked with giving an impromptu speech. The method is known as PREP, an acronym for Point, Reason, Example and Point. Let’s explore more about the method by going through each letter one by one.

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P: Point

Start with the main point of your paragraph. The first sentence is usually called the ‘topic sentence’ and it usually simply states what the topic is. It should be kept in mind that the ‘title sentence’ is not always the ‘topic sentence’. Try to start with an interesting sentence and state your case in this part. Start by stating your main point or claim, the one idea you are talking about. In a short speech, it’s best to focus on just one point so that you don’t lose your audience. In a longer speech, use a series of PREPs to make different points and support them.

R: Reason

Give a reason relating to your topic sentence or to why you believe in that. You can also include your own opinion in this part. Writing down a few related sentences by taking the help of translational words or phrases or in other words sentence linkers can help you reason with your main point better. Besides, you are encouraged to support or back up your case with evidence from research, facts, data, statistics, or many more as this adds credibility to your case.

E: Example

Give an example to support your beliefs. These examples will paint a word picture in your reader’s mind, which they will remember long after they finish reading. Give one or more examples/illustrations to support your main point and the reasons given above. This is a good place to tell a powerful pertinent story as well as credible testimonies. Furthermore, engage the testimony of scholars/experts to show how others have a different argument and show how a lot of scholars support your views.

P: Point Repetition

Repeat your point one time, this is to establish a firm stance about your topic. Your readers will often remember the last thing you speak more than anything else. You can try to use different words to say something in different ways or styles as well. This is effective and helps the reader to keep interest of your speech. Lastly, you can conclude the speech by showing how your position is right, despite the arguments against it and restating your argument. This helps your audience to remember it even better.

In a nutshell, PREP framework is an easy and effective way to give a short impromptu speech because it reduces the stress involved with public speaking, especially at a very 4short notice, by giving you a short acrostic to follow in your head as you speak. In addition to giving you a pathway to follow, the letters serve as reminder cues to help you think of something to say.


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