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What Kids Say | What Can You Do When You Have Confidence?

Most kids these days would rather be staying inside and playing games than going out and joining social clubs to enhance their soft skills. The result of this has come in the form of them having low self-confidence and low self-esteem. Fret not, having low self-confidence is pretty common in children and teenagers and there are loads of methods you can use to gather back all that courage! To us, public speaking is a great way to enhance your confidence!

In this video, our students share what they can do when they have confidence within themselves, after going through our weekly classes that are offered by Ebright Public Speaking. You can watch said video below!

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One student shared that once they have confidence, they will become a better public speaker. In this case, it is certainly true. Getting up on the stage requires you to be confident enough to take on that challenge. Even with stage fright, if you have confidence in yourself and believe that you can somehow go through the fear of presenting in front of a lot of people, then you can certainly become better at public speaking!

When you are confident with yourself, you can start to be more expressive in delivering your thoughts, according to one student. Confident people thrive from making mistakes by learning from them, making them not fear judgements but anticipates constructive criticisms to better themselves. When you reach this point in your life, it means that you are no longer sitting in your comfort zone, but you are braver than ever! Not many people have reached this point, even adults who have careers but chose to stay put in their comfortable environment. There are many people like these, time to colour the world with other types of people, confident people!

Confidence also allows you to try new things! According to one of our students, she shared that with confidence, you can make new friends and also explore your interests in other areas as well. This is because without confidence, you wouldn’t be able to leap over to that path, taking on new challenges and trying them out. Trying new things will then lead you to acquiring new skills, another added advantage of having confidence withing yourself. Gathering and increasing your skillsets at such a young age would surely benefit you in the future, therefore, what are you waiting for?

Lastly, with confidence, children can say what they want as well as do what they want. Often times they feel like they aren’t supposed to do some things because of the mental block in their mind, that is low self-confidence. But when they believe they can do it, certainly the walls will no longer be there and it will prompt these children to become better at communicating as well as sharing their thoughts. However, this is not to be confused with saying unnecessary or rude things!

That concludes the end of the sharing session by some of the students in Ebright Public Speaking! Again, do give the video a watch to see the students talk about the things they can do when they have confidence!


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Don't miss the chance to claim your FREE 1 Hour Class by registering from this link!

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